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 Congas, Bongos, and Timbales!
(1-3 hours)

Hands-on class on playing congas, bongos, timbales, maracas, güiro, etc. Some of the instruments need to be supplied.

 Latin Sounds And the
Jazz Ensemble
(1-2 hours)

In this workshop we examine the meaning of the word "Latin," as utilized in jazz charts. Guidelines are suggested for the inclusion of traditional Afro-Latin sounds.

 Diversity Workshop:
What Meets the Eye
(45-60 minutes)

This workshop illustrates how to dispel the assumptions we make about others, helps seeing things from someone else’s perspective, and provides ideas on how to address diversity issues in schools, on campuses, and in communities.


 The African Roots of Today's Hot Latin Music
(60-90 minutes)

Explores the origins of what is known today as "Latin Music," from its birthplace in Africa to today's hybrid rhythms.

 The Brazilian Rhythm Machine
(1-2 hours)

Participants will learn about the instruments and the basic rhythms of Brazil's carnival music, the samba.



 A Musical Journey Through Latin America
(45 minutes - 3 hours)

An overview of Latin American geography, cultures, and folk music, including the demonstration of instruments and vocal styles. Many explanations are given in between the musical pieces.



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