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The drums, dances, voices, and costumes of the Afro-Latin Project fill large spaces with the exuberant colors, movements, and sounds which developed in Latin America as a direct result of the African presence there. The irresistible energy of this ensemble celebrates the powerful African influence found in the music and cultures of Latin America, an influence which has spread throughout the world.


Cuban rumbas and songs honoring the Orishas (deities) of Cuban mythology, Colombian bullerengues, Puerto Rican bombas, Brazilian maculelés and capoeiras, Panamanian bailes de congos, Peruvian festejos, Uruguayan candombes, Venezuelan tambores - all of these dance and song traditions are but a sampler of what the Afro-Latin Project has to offer, as it brings to life the many facets of the African condition in Latin America, from the arrival of the slaves to today's revival of African-influenced music in Latin America. Great for formal concerts as well as outdoor events.


As the seeds of Africa spread throughout the “New World," new music, new dances, and an incredible diversity of African cultural expressions began to emerge. Intertwined primarily with Spanish and Portuguese influences, and shaped by the formidable circumstances imposed by slavery, these expressions, as seen today, give us a glimpse into a not-so-distant past. We hope that you will not only be entertained, but also that you will begin to understand the magnitude of Africa’s influence in the New World.

Edgar East, Panamanian-born Director of the Afro-Latin Project

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