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Stage Plot


Afro-Latin Project - Tech Rider


If any of these requirements cannot be met, please call us (319) 504-2122.




4 conga drums - (1) Quinto, (1) Congas, (2) tumbas; (LP Classic or equivalent) No stands.


3 drum thrones







· Minimum dimensions of 24' deep by 32' wide

· Wooden stage floors (or with Rosco, Marley, New Step, Harlequin, etc. dance floor


· No splinters, nails, screws, divots, gaps, outlets, wires, cables, poles, support mechanisms, or obstacles on the floor.

· All seams must be taped down by presenter with floor tape (not duct tape) before technical rehearsal.

· The floor must be flat and free of pockets with no bumps, crevices or other obvious impediments.

(Please note that the floor panels must be unrolled and allowed to rest at least 4.5 hrs. prior to being taped down.

· Both on and off-stage areas must be swept and mopped prior to the technical rehearsal. If necessary, it must be

swept and mopped again prior to the performance.

· Fully equipped lighting rigs and inventory including side, overhead, back and front-of-house positions


Outdoor Stages:

· Minimum dimensions of 24' deep by 32' wide

· Platform stage (no cement, no asphalt) with Marley dance floor covering

· PURCHASER agrees to provide a shaded performance area for outdoor events and an alternate site in case of inclement


·ARTISTS will not perform outdoors when there is danger of lightning, rain, snow, sleet, high winds, direct sunlight, or when

  the temperature on stage falls below 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Side and front lighting positions as appropriate for time of day

· Appropriate changing tent or facilities


Museums, Galleries, Halls, Gymnasiums:

· Appropriate flooring for barefoot dance

· Minimum dimensions as above

· Changing facilities

· Lighting as needed to be determined by Afro Latin Project’s technical director and presenter.


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